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Tiger Shark

Line of sharks

Photo of a Tiger Shark Photographer: kingfish.dk

Map showing the Tiger Shark's habitat
The Tiger Sharks is one of the sharks with a nictitating membrane. The Tiger Sharks are the top 3 most dangerous sharks there are (the other two are the Bull Shark and the Big White Shark). The Tiger Sharks are normally up to 16 feet long, the female sharks can be up to 18 feet long, an example of a 30 feet long shark has been reported but it has not been documented.

The Tiger Sharks have a big width head with a short width nose, a big width mouth and a strong body. The Tiger Sharks are grey and have stripes across the body, this is most typical for the young animals to have. The stripes are going to fade together with them growing older.

The Tiger Sharks lives approximately 12 years and becomes sexually mature in the age of 6. The Tiger Sharks are pregnant for 12 month and bears from 10 to 82 young ones. The young ones are from 23 inches to 30 inches long at birth.

The Tiger Sharks are found in all tropic waters where it lives from the surface of the water and 459,32 feet (140 metres) below. The Tiger Shark eats almost everything living in the sea from turtles, fish, squids, whales and other sharks.

There have been many reported Tiger Shark attacks on humans and many fatal.

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