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Shark records

Line of sharks

The world's most dangerous shark:

The world's most dangerous shark is the Bull Shark.

The world's biggest shark /
The world's biggest fish:

The world's biggest shark is the Whale Shark (a shark is a fish).
The Whale Shark can be up to 53 feet long and weight more than 13 ton.
(The Blue Whale is a mammal that is why it is not the biggest fish.)

The world's fastest shark:

The world's fastest shark is the Mako Shark. The Mako Shark can reach a maximum speed of 46 miles an hour.
Shark with medal

The shark with the most teeth:

The Great White Shark can have up to 70 teeth in its mouth at the same time. These teeth are changed to new ones all the time. (If you count the teeth that is on the way, then the number of teeth is much higher - several hundreds)

The world's biggest school of sharks:

The world's biggest school of sharks was observed in Galapagos, it was a single school of 1100 Hammerhead Sharks.

The world's smallest shark:

The world's smallest shark is a small type of the Cat Shark. The shark is just 6 inches, when it is fully grown.

The world's highest jump by a shark
(Yes, it jumps out of the water):

The Thresher Shark can jump 20 feet out of the water. (Quite an impressive achievement. The world record in high jump for men is 8,16 feet.)

The world's largest shark tail:

The Thresher Shark has the largest tail among sharks. The Thresher Shark's tail can be 8 feet long.