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Shark clipart and banners

Line of sharks

Here you can find shark cipart and banners from "A World of Sharks".
You can use the shark clipart and banners on your own website, you just have to link to http://theshark.dk, if you want to, you can use the guide below.

How to get a image on your website with a link to
A World of Sharks.
You need the following HTML-code to be inserted on your website:

<a href="http://theshark.dk"><img src="path to the image" alt="Banners from A World of Sharks" title="Link to A World of Sharks" border="0" /></a>

Instead of 'path to the image' you insert the path to where to image is located eg. /pic/banner.gif

banner banner banner
banner banner

This is a banner for websites.


This is a new edition of the animation on the frontpage.


This clipart represent a Bull Shark.