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Great White Shark

Line of sharks

Photo of a Great White Shark

Map showing the Great White Shark's habitat
The Great White Shark is commonly known as the most dangerous of all sharks, because it attacks everything that moves. Movies like "Jaws" do also add to that belief. Even though it is by most people seen as the most dangerous shark, then in fact its wrong. The most dangerous shark is the Bull Shark.

The Great White Shark is a big powerful shark which has a grey to black back and half-way down the sides, the belly turns white. The Great White Shark can wieght up to 3,5 tonnes. The Great White Shark can get up to 21 ft. long, some even say that they can get 33 ft. long, but this is not yet documented.

The Great White Shark primary feed on seals and sea lions, but the Great White Shark also eats fish, squids and other sharks. The Great White Shark has a big mouth with many (more than a hundred) big teeth which are as sharp as razorblades.

The Great White Shark becomes sexually mature when they are 10 to 12 years old. The Great White Shark does not give birth to many young ones at a time, in fact not very much is known about their reproduction, because they cannot live in captivity and it is difficult to get near Great White Sharks.

The Great White Shark lives near Australia, California and most of them near South Africa. But the Great White shark can be found in several colder waters as well, and they have also been seen in the Mediterranean Sea. The Great White Shark is a very endangered species and because they attack humans they have been over-exploited, and in some areas they are almost extinguished. This has lead to protection of Great White Sharks in South Africa, Australia and California. Today the Great White Shark is very rare and its numbers are not known, because the shark is always on the move and travels over great distances and the shark is always alone.

The Great White Shark is the only shark which can lift its head above water and look for prey e.g. seals and sea lions. The Great White Shark always attacks its prey from below so the prey cannot see the shark because of its dark back. The Great White Shark kills its prey by biding a big piece of the animal which is stunned and quickly goes into chock. Afterwards the shark can return and eat the rest.

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