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Bull Shark

Line of sharks

Photo of a Bull Shark Photographer: kingfish.dk

Map showing the Bull Shark's habitat
The Bull Shark is one of the sharks with a nictitating membrane. In Latin the shark is called Carcharhinus Leucas.

The Bull Shark is a strong shark that has a short rounded snout. The Bull Shark is grey with a white belly and has vague fin tips. When it is fully grown the Bull Shark can be up to 11 ft. long and weigh more than 400 pounds.

When the Bull Shark is mature as 6-year-old the shark gives birth to live young. The Bull Shark gives birth to 1 to 15 young ones after being pregnant for about 12 month.

Bull Sharks primary feet on fish, other sharks, rays and squids.

The Bull Shark is one of the most unique sharks, because they can live in both fresh water and salt water. The Bull Shark is found everywhere in tropic waters, in the biggest rivers and in Lake Nicaragua. The Bull Shark moves in the surface and down to 160 yd. in the water. The Bull Shark can swim several thousand miles up the Amazon and the Mississippi. The Bull Shark is also the only species of sharks which can be found in a lake.

The Bull Shark is by far the most dangerous of all sharks. The Bull Shark is the ocean's answer to a fox, the shark can go to places with lots of animals and humans. When a Bull Shark attacks it bites wildly around itself, but does not eat anything, a fox attacks in a similar way. these attacks have been filmed more than once.

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