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Small-spotted Cat Shark

Line of sharks

Photo of a Whale Shark Photographer: Maria Rjkjr

Map showing the Cat Shark's habitat
The Small-spotted Cat Shark is not dangerous for humans.

It is a long slim shark that can be up to 3 feet long. The Small-spotted Cat Shark is light with lots of dark brown spots and it has shadowy saddle marks on the back.

The Small-spotted Cat Shark, lives near the ocean bed, down to 330 feet. The shark is also seen in sea level. The Small-spotted Cat Shark Shark lives in the area from the Northern part of Norway and down to Senegal, and it also live in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Small-spotted Cat Shark feed on fish, starfish, crabs, shrimps and small lobsters.

The Small-spotted Cat Shark lay their eggs and tie the eggs firm by turning around stone and plants. The eggs are 0,8 in. wide and 1,6 in. long and have long fibres. The Small-spotted Cat Sharks young ones are 3 in. to 4 in. long, when when their eggs are hatched after 8 to 9 month.

The Small-spotted Cat Shark is caught by fishermen, and the shark is used as edible fish, but also to fish meal and fish oil, because the Small-spotted Cat Shark as other sharks have a big oleaginous liver.

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